About CSPN

We bring together professionals within the Customer Service and Customer Experience industry with the goal of building meaningful, cross-organizational relationships to enhance careers.

Who We Are

Customer Service Professionals Network (CSPN) is a leading provider of training programs, consulting services, and networking opportunities, designed to empower organizations and harness the competitive advantage of delivering exceptional customer experiences. We know that an organization’s success starts with their employees.

We work with organizations to create customer service and customer experience strategies, build customer journey maps, create & analyze customer / employee and industry benchmark surveys, and assess and optimize contact centers.

What We Do

To help employees be great at what they do, we have mapped out a Learning Journey that has over 50+ courses on customer service/ experience, sales, management, leadership and personal excellence, all to ensure that teams are performing at their personal best and with a customer-centric mindset.


Customer Service Strategy

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Surveys

Contact Center Assessments
Sourcing Strategies


Certifications and Designation Programs

Customized On-Site and Public Sessions

50+ Programs Specializing in Customer Service through to Leaderships and Technical Training


Annual Customer Service

Awards Gala

Breakfast Meetings

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